UPWELL Lava 11′2″ Inflatable Paddle Board

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Our inflatable paddle boards is made of the high quality military grade material, with weight capacity up to 450lbs. Brushed thickening inflatable paddle board with Non-Slip soft EVA deck, which can increase its balance and anti-skid effect, reduce accidents.


Nature is our inspiration, and our products reflect that. This collection is inspired by nature, glacier, lava, plants and animals,we marvel at the charm of nature,as we are also deeply committed to protecting the environment.


Outfitted with triple bottom panel fins which can increase the speed of the board in the water.

Stable and lightweight,with a 33" wide and 11' 2" long base, perfect for any paddler, including beginners.

Versatile in use, exploring, touring, fishing, yoga. Also suitable in the ocean, fresh water lakes and rivers.

Included Items

1x inflatable stand up paddle board

3x removable fins

1x adjustable 3-piece paddle

1x coiled ankle leash

1x hand pump

1x 10L waterproof storage bag

1x backpack

1x emergency repair kit

1x waterproof phone bag

Technical Specs

Dimensions: 11′2″ L × 33″ W × 6″ D

Capacity: 450 LBS

Avg. Weight: 22 LBS

Construction: Inflatable Technology

Optimal Inflation: 10-15 PSI

Package Weight: 37 LBS


1 Year Warranty

Every product from Upwell is covered by a one (1) Year warranty from the date of purchase. If you have any order issue, our team of customer service will be more than happy to assist you!

Customer Reviews

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J H.
Fun times on the lake!

I recently discovered that I love paddle boarding and had to get my own board. I have tried 1 fin and 3 fins, and I feel like 3 fins gives the best stability. I got this one specifically for the 3 removable fins. My friend has 3 fins, but only 1 removes and I feel like that just makes it vulnerable to getting smashed or messed up. I have noticed that I can side angle tip rock the board to the left while paddling right and it will allow me to go straight, which is a cool hack. I love it.