Why Inflatable SUPs

Make the water trips easier.



-Premium materials UPWELL inflatable paddle boards are made of the high quality military grade materials.The ultralight PVC is 25% lighter than many other paddle boards of the same size but stronger.

-Stable enough while using Our inflatable paddle boards become completely rigid and stable when fully inflated,you can feel that you are supported by the board filled with compressed air just like by a hard board.And the capacity of a UPWELL iSUP is up to 450 lbs.

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-Fast inflation&deflation You can inflate/ deflate the paddle board in 10 minutes,it’s easier attaching our electric pump to a 12V battery to inflate/deflate the board.

-Llightweight&Smallspace These lightweight inflatable paddle boards are easy to carry,and it can be easily folded and stored the board at home or in a car. A deflated UPWELL iSUP, with all the accessories tightly in the backpack,will take up very small space at any place.
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